Equine Wellness Training - Considering the Whole Horse
About Lili Wren

Professional horsewoman Lili Wren has been riding and working with horses for over 20 years. She has earned two equine related degrees from Feather River College and Johnson and Wales University. Lili has managed horse facilities ranging from a six acre dressage barn with 12 horses to a 70 acre boarding facility with 50 horses.
After college Lili continued her education in horse training by participating in and auditing clinics such as Leslie Desmond, Buck Brannaman and Harry Whitney. Lili has also completed a course in bare foot hoof care and trims some of her clients’ horses. Recently Lili graduated from a three-year course in Equine Hanna Somatics, a performance enhancing type of bodywork for horses.
Recently, Lili has become more involved in the endurance world by catch riding and crewing at several national and international events for internationally ranked endurance riders Heather and Jeremy Reynolds (USA) and Dom Freeman (GB).

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