Equine Wellness Training - Considering the Whole Horse
Barefoot Trimming

Lili trims barefoot horses and ponies all along the northern California coast side. From San Francisco  to Santa Cruz, Lili has been helping horses and their owners with hoof health issues for many years.

"My interest in barefoot trimming began for my own horses benefit.  After some mentoring with another barefoot trimmer I took a course in natural barefoot trimming at the
Oregon School of Natural Hoof Care.
I practiced on various horses for 2 years before accepting clients.
Now I continue to study and adjust my technique to suit different horses, their use and the environment they live in.
Each horses' hooves are so different there is no cookie cutter formula that fits all horses and there situations."
 Some factors to consider that might help your horse live comfortably barefoot.

  • Diet
  • Amount of daily exercise
  • Living environment - where your horse spends most of its time.


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