Equine Wellness Training - Considering the Whole Horse

Equine Hanna Somatics   

Lili is certified in Equine Hanna Somatics. This is mind-body integration through movement for performance enhancement and a greater sense of well-being                                                                      for both horse and human.

Equine Hanna Somatics (or EHS) is a natural method of mind-body connection for athletes, pain relief, longevity and an increased sense of well being for your horse.
EHS is an adaption of Hanna Somatics, a proven, natural and safe method of pain relief and sensory motor training for humans.  Like humans, horses experience stress and develop chronically contracted muscles. Chronically contracted muscles often create discomfort and restrict movement and performance.  EHS is a hands on procedure for teaching horses, along with their riders and handlers, about voluntary and conscious control of their neuromuscular systems.

EHS education is also a very enjoyable and relaxing experience for the horse.  After the session horses seem to walk, trot and canter more easily.  Their muscles move more fluidly and they are more supple and responsive to the rider or handlers requests.
Through a series of gentle guided movements, your horse will learn to have increased awareness and control over muscles, to work through poor postural habits, and learn to reprogram the resting muscle tone back to neutral by changing the “muscle memory”.
Equine Hanna Somatics is easy for the horse to learn because it’s based on movements that are natural for the horse.  The owner/rider will also learn basic EHS exercises to continue to support the horse’s healthy posture.


Private EHS sessions generally take 1-1.5 hours.  Positive changes in conformation/posture, stride length, attitude and muscle activity are often seen in the very first session.  Best results are generally seen after 3-5 sessions, which can be done daily or weekly.  A follow up session is recommended 4-6 months later or anytime the horse experiences a trauma or stress that causes him to change his health, attitude or way of going.

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